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gurdondark's Journal

Tales of the Dark Side
12 August
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Who knows what secrets lie in the hearts of men?

This is a "second journal" for gurdonark, based on the theme "100 Tales from the Dark Side". Because my regular journal arguably is an upbeat "musical comedy", leavened, as musicals often are, with only a few somber ballads, this journal aims to be the book of the dead to provide contrast and detail. Rather than create a journal post with that theme, the idea is to take a number of negative facts and render them as a writing exercise.

In this world, there are so many banalities. I think that human flaw and error are endlessly fascinating, but perhaps also endlessly banal.
In Hell, the stand-up comics are really irritating, and the curtain never falls.

This does not purport to be a complete catalog of faults or shortcomings, and by design it will feature picayune flaws as well as major error.
I found myself resisting the urge to list anything at all, so I suppose this is a difficult journal to write.

When I was a child, I was told that if one stands in front of a mirror in the darkness and says "I believe in Mary Worth, I believe in Mary Worth, I believe in Mary Worth", then her old, sympathetic face would appear in the mirror. Who knows what this particular mirror will show? Please don't mind the cracking too much--I will mind enough for all of us.